Amelia & Eliza, family portraits Northampton

Amelia & Eliza, family portraits Northampton

Amelia & Eliza, family portraits Northampton 150 150 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

A sneaky peek of a Northampton family photo shoot working with the stunning 2 year old Amelia and her super smily baby sister, Eliza.  Mum and Dad initially booked in to capture some recent baby photography of their 4 month old, although it also proved a perfect opportunity to take some updated shots of her older sibling too.

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Whilst her baby sister was having a much earned re-fuel after her first sitting, we managed to coax Amelia onto the set.  She was a little unsure at first and displayed the typical strong will of a 2 year old. However, with a little reassurance and patience she soon began to shine, giving me a wonderful display of natural expression and character.  True team work!

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We even managed to capture a super cute cuddle or two between the two siblings, gold dust!

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After a quick feed, little Eliza took the stage once more and soon rewarded us with masses of toothless grins and twinkly eyed smiles, especially when Dad worked his magic! A proper Daddies girl.

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Thanks to the whole family for such a lovely relaxed and rewarding shoot, looking forward to presenting you with the full set of family photo’s at your viewing very soon!

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