Baby Photographer Northampton: Introducing Summer


Baby Photographer Northampton: Introducing Summer

Baby Photographer Northampton: Introducing Summer 800 533 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Baby Photographer Northampton: Introducing Summer

We were lucky to photograph this gorgeous baby today, newborn Summer from Northampton came to us fast asleep, and defied the usual form of waking on arrival which allowed us to get some gorgeous wrapped shots. Personally we love the one shown where her tiny little fingers made an appearance.

It’s always great to be challenged by a new pose a customer may have in mind, but in this case it was flattering to be allowed to go freestyle to set about our repetoire, using tried and tested techniques which gave a beautiful set of results.

It’s fair to say that Summer wasn’t so keen on staying milk drunk which gives photographers a window of precious time in which to set about modelling. However, she drifted in and out of sleep enough for us to get our favourite poses, with lots of gentle soothing and use of a fantastic app which quietly lulls a drowsy newborn to sleep with white noise sounds they usually can’t resist.

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We were relieved that mum was fully aware that a shoot like this can’t be rushed, and takes whatever time is needed. We usually end around the 2 ½ hour mark alongside copious mounts of tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits whilst baby watching and trying to read the best time for each pose.

The studio also gets extremely hot and it’s not just baby who starts to feel drowsy by the end!

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Summer delivered on a range of cute expressions that we don’t always see in sleepy newborns which added a great range to the images, and she barely made a sound throughout the shoot. It was a lovely relaxed shoot and a real pleasure so thank you mum, Summer (and mum’s best friend) for this privilege!

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