Baby Photography Duston, Northampton, Introducing Darcy


Baby Photography Duston, Northampton, Introducing Darcy

Baby Photography Duston, Northampton, Introducing Darcy 900 600 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Introducing the gorgeous 18 week old Darcy from Duston, Northampton.  Mum contacted the studio when Darcy was only 7 weeks old requesting some baby photography of her beautiful new daughter.  Since Darcy was already past the 2 week mark and therefore too old for a successful newborn shoot (0-2 weeks), we suggested that Mum and Dad waited until baby Darcy was 4-5 months old before bringing her to the studio for her photographs.

We always suggest that parents try to wait until their baby is at least 4 months old before having their first shoot, basically when they’ve developed nice strong neck muscles.  This is simply because not only can we get a much better variety of shots by sitting them in a Bumbo, but also because their little character has really started to develop and this really shines through in the final edit.  Little Darcy is certainly testament to this and rewards Mum and Dad’s patience with a lovely set of images!  A small selection you can see in this post…

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We suggested stripping Darcy down to her nappy rather than wearing the lovely selection of clothes that Mum had brought along for her to wear for the shoot.  We all agreed that babies soft, chubby little naked bodies are far more cute than any clothes you could dress them in, especially when their skin is as flawless as Darcy’s!

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After a short break and a re-fuel, Darcy was back in action, this time enjoying lying on one of our soft textured rugs and being tickled by Mum.  Darcy was an absolute natural in front of the lens and really seemed to love all the attention, work it baby!

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Overall a massive thanks to Mum, Dad and of course the star of the show Darcy, for such a wonderfully relaxed baby photo shoot.  Looking forward to presenting you with the full set of photographs in a few days time at your viewing!

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