Beautiful bumps! Black & white maternity photography.


Beautiful bumps! Black & white maternity photography.

Beautiful bumps! Black & white maternity photography. 600 429 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Maternity photo shoots are great fun… honest! They’re an opportunity to do something a little different, maybe push yourself outside your comfort zone, just a little, and celebrate the curvaceousness of your pregnant body… strut your funky stuff! Forget any aches or pains you might be suffering from as you can be safe in the knowledge that these gripes won’t show in your final images.

Professional maternity photography is much more than just a bit of fun though. It is rare opportunity to really capture and make sense of being a woman, as pregnancy is arguably the most incredible thing your body will ever do.


We welcomed our recent Facebook competition winner, Daniella, for her maternity shoot yesterday, and we think she looks absolutely stunning.

Daniella arrived relaxed and ready to give modelling a go, her images show she was a natural in front of the camera. It’s a shoot that requires a lot of direction from the photographer which we manage by ensuring both of us are there to cast a critical eye before transitioning poses. Although these poses are relatively simple to achieve, designed to accentuate natural curves, it takes a lot of tweaking to give the images their finish which can often come as a surprise. Sometimes, it can take several frames to capture the optimum moment when hair is lifted away from the face by the fan, or to adjust the pose slightly to release tension for a more relaxed look. It’s surprisingly time consuming but worth it when you review the results and the details are all there, although we think Daniella makes it look easy!


Daniella’s bubbly personality helped the shoot flow beautifully, with lots of relaxed chat and a few laughs along the way. This is important to us as we know our clients look back on their photo shoot remembering the time out they took for themselves before the arrival of their new baby. In fact there’s very little talk about ‘baby’ for now and time to enjoy some general chat.

Huge thanks to Daniella for a great maternity shoot and for her generosity in allowing us to blog her stunning images!

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