Bedford Newborn Photography – Introducing Arthur

Bedford Newborn Photography – Introducing Arthur

Bedford Newborn Photography – Introducing Arthur 150 150 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Meet the very gorgeous Arthur from Bedford, the latest tiny visitor to our Bedfordshire newborn photography studio, although we actually think he was totally oblivious to this!

We’ve come to realise that all newborn babies differ. The basics are always the same… milk, cuddles, sleep and nappy changes… but how they go about getting these needs met differs!

Two week old Arthur went for the super sleepy baby approach, barely opening an eye the whole time he was with us for his photoshoot.

He stirred briefly to be wrapped for some classic portrait shots and soon settled back into a deep sleep whilst we got to work photographing him. We wrapped him cocoon style for a super cute full body photograph, which then led nicely into capturing his tiny newborn feet which he displayed perfectly for us without even realising!

This is often the time in the session when newborn babies start to stir and wriggle, with a sense that something is afoot (pardon the pun) and its time to wake up…

To be fair Arthur did stir a little at this stage, and this handily timed with a quick milk top up with mum whilst we rearranged our set. Then it was back to business. As Arthur hadn’t reached full alertness he was soon back snoozing again, ready for the slightly more posed section of the photoshoot. The head on hands shot is always a personal favourite, and he certainly rocked it, even giving us a hint of milky smile!

Afterwards, he couldn’t quite get comfortable in the side pose, so we simply let him settle himself although we couldn’t resist popping his hand under his chin, which not only looks cute but helps raise his face towards the camera! It worked, as the close up shows he was then totally relaxed.

Our approach to newborn photography is to keep it pure and simple, and Arthur demonstrates that babies are beautiful in their own right.

We don’t personally like to use props as our signature style is more pure and natural in style, shot in a richly toned black and white. This way your baby doesn’t have to compete with either props or colour that we believe can cause distraction… it really is all about them!

Finally, we were glad to involve mum and dad at the end for a few family shots. These photos involve just hands and have a more artistic feel to them. They’re also a great solution for tired parents who want to look back and be included in their newborn baby’s photoshoot, but simply don’t always feel at their best a few days after the birth!

Huge thanks to mum and dad for choosing us for Arthur’s first photoshoot, it was lovely to meet you all.

If you’d like to find out a little more about our newborn baby photography then please follow the link here:  Newborn Photography Bedfordshire 

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