Black and White Newborn Baby Photography


Black and White Newborn Baby Photography

Black and White Newborn Baby Photography 800 533 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Black and White Newborn Photography, Baby Isla

Introducing the beautiful Isla with her lovely crop of dark wispy hair, which is not only gorgeous in its own right, but photographically added great form and contrast to her black and white newborn photographs.

Her milky skin looked amazing against our soft textured rug, which babies really love. Even babies who are unsettled by being undressed or the journey to our studio are soothed by the feel of a fluffy rug! This gives a great start to the shoot as even very young newborns are often curious about their surroundings, allowing us to capture those precious wide awake shots.

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Sometimes capturing the feet photo can be pretty challenging when babies are wriggly, but Isla was content when wrapped and her perfect little feet with all their details were captured with ease.

After a good feed and once in deep sleep, she was posed in our signature comfortable style, her natural beauty shone through the camera lens. We added a headband on request from Mum and think these look just as cute as the pure shots, although this is source of great debate in our studio and a matter for personal preference.

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Our clients constantly acknowledge that they prefer classic, natural and believable photography as the newborn period is so short lived and yet so very precious. It’s also a bleary eyed time for parents and speaking as a Mum myself, I know how hard I gazed at my children, trying to record every little expression, desperately hoping never to forget anything.

We hope that our photography achieves this and captures some timeless memories for the parents we have the pleasure of working with. We try and create images that reflect the simple natural beauty of the baby and that will still look beautiful in decades to come, whatever High Street fashion is doing.

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Thank you to Isla, and of course mum and dad for allowing us to share this newborn photo shoot time with you.

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