Black & White Baby Photography


Black & White Baby Photography

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Black & White Baby Photography

It always feels special to be selected by our families to share a baby photo shoot during the newborn phase and we’re always mindful and appreciative of this. We treat every baby session as a privilege, remembering our own experiences of parenting in the sleepless early days. Visitors to the studio have to put up with my ridiculous ramblings too as I coo over their new baby, I do it every time and make no apology!

This handsome little man slept soundly throughout his shoot yesterday, captivating us with his chilled out temperament. It’s a rewarding feeling to work with a newborn baby, and as they’re so unaware of their setting we ensure they are warm, safe, positioned comfortably and respectfully so their images cause no embarrassment as they grow up.

It may sound obvious, but our prop free black and white photographic style is very deliberate, we prefer babies to look like babies in their photographs with minimal distraction; the reason why parents choose our style of more organic and natural portrait photography.

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Our little 8 day old fella was intrigued by the studio, but his curiosity couldn’t hold out after milk, warmth and white noise. Once asleep, he stayed asleep. His beautiful crop of dark hair framed his face and added real character to the images.

He treated us to lots of yawns as we worked, which gave the opportunity for some classic newborn expressions to be captured through the lens, but Andy had to work like lightening!

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One of the most immediately striking aesthetic qualities of a newborn is their perfect, yet dinky features. Andy always like to capture a range of more abstract close-ups photos that illustrates this miniature perfection in it’s purest form.

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A lovely way to spend a Monday morning! Massive thanks to Mum and Dad for bringing their precious little boy along. Looking forward to meeting his big brothers at the weekend…

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