Black and White Maternity Photography


Black and White Maternity Photography

Black and White Maternity Photography 900 643 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Playtime! Every once in a while we feel inspired to try out a new pose or set up, and this is where a model call comes into it’s own. Introducing the very beautiful Kayleigh who at 39 weeks pregnant, looks stunning in our black and white maternity photography.


This shoot brought out a few surprises. We called for a model with silhouette work in mind. We started off with this intention but quickly worked out that silhouettes don’t do the model any justice or accentuate our style in any way. True, silhouettes show abstract form but we feel the heavy contrast needed can lack sophistication and a chance to stamp the work with our signature style. So, we scrapped this idea after the capturing first few shots and went freestyle instead.

Instead, we focussed on beautifully soft lighting to achieve an ethereal feel using pure white, and experimented with the chaise longue. We absolutely love the beautiful reclined photo with Kayleigh’s eyes shut.

We wanted to achieve a lovely smooth and velvety look with the lighting and styling, and Kayleigh’s long hair added to the feminine feel. We also threw in a dark shot for a slightly more straight forward pose, but achieved a powerful result nonetheless.

(Please click on an image to see it bigger)


Nursing career or not, working with a heavily pregnant mum to be can be slightly unnerving as we’ve never delivered a baby and kind of hope it stays that way!! Apologies to Kayleigh for constantly checking during the shoot to see if she needed to rest and generally keeping a very close eye…

We’re thrilled with the results and achieved more than we’d hoped for. Working with Kayleigh was great fun, and its a refreshing change to photograph an adult as we’re used to the unpredictability of children. If you’re planning on visiting the Baby show at the NEC in May you can see how amazing the images become as finished artwork where scale and presence adds to the overall effect, and how our work is meant to be seen.


A huuuuge thank you to Kayleigh for a lovely morning together and a few giggles along the way. We hope you love the results as much as we do, and we can’t wait to hear your good news soon!

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