Annie & Iris, Children’s Photography Brixworth, Northampton


Annie & Iris, Children’s Photography Brixworth, Northampton

Annie & Iris, Children’s Photography Brixworth, Northampton 1000 667 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

This post features a recent shoot I photographed of siblings Annie and Iris, a growing young family from Brixworth, Northampton.  I had the pleasure of photographing these two children just a year ago when Iris was only a few months old and Annie was 6.

Mum and Dad booked another shoot as they wanted some updated portraits of both the children together and also some individual captures with a mind on creating a multi-aperture wall art piece.  Although Annie had grown since I last photographer her, Iris had changed beyond all recognition.  She’d gone from super cute baby to vibrant toddler in a blink of an eye, as you can see from the group portrait below!

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Annie was as vibrant and smiley as ever taking no time at all to jump up on the studio stool and deliver a wonderfully varied display of big beaming grins and more subtle intimate glances.  Iris however was a very different matter and had decided that she was not going to sit on the stool, full stop!

To be honest this is nothing unusual with infants of her age.  After 18 months children can understandably start to get much more suspicious of strangers and generally a little shy of the unfamiliar.  However, we gave her plenty of time to relax and get used to me and the camera, so before long she’d almost forgot I was there!  Befriending her Peppa Pig toys seemed to help!

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After capturing as many individual portraits as we could it was then time to move onto the group family portraits.  Mum and Dad favoured a very relaxed style of portraiture so we simply created a big stage, allowing the Sisters to behave as naturally as possible.  It worked a treat; again our patience was rewarded with some of the most intimate and gorgeous sibling portraits I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

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Another really lovely shoot.  Thanks loads to Mum and Dad for giving me the privilege of photographing their growing children a year on, plus a massive thanks to Annie and Iris for letting me capture their real personalities.

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