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Family Photography Rutland

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It’s been nearly 6 years since I started specialising in family photography and in this time I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many hundreds of lovely families. Earlier this week I welcomed back to the studio one of the very first families I ever photographed. Re-introducing Niamh, Ellie and Rory… from Rutland.

I always carry a mild anxiety when it comes to photographing a family whom I’ve previously worked with, especially the children of personal friends… and this family photoshoot ticked both boxes! I really needn’t have worried though as these guys were as natural, relaxed and vibrant as ever. Ellie who is now 9, is just as bubbly and cheeky now as she was all those years ago when she used to play with our daughter at pre-school. Niamh who is now a whopping 11, is certainly more grown-up and a little more reserved but simply seems to sparkle in front of the camera. As for 7 year old Rory, well… what a fabulous little character I could photograph this fella all day everyday!

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I started the photoshoot as always capturing a selection of individual character portraits. I like to use this time to engage with the children on a one to one basis and hopefully gain their trust enough for them to relax in front of my camera, ideally forgetting it’s there. A photography studio isn’t the most natural of settings and some children can understandably look a little unsettled or dazed when I first start working. All those big flashy things are actually a bit of a necessary evil, but given a little time to relax, children soon start ignoring the big flashy things and start to exhibit their natural personality. Rory, being the youngest and therefore least self conscious of the children, very much helped his older siblings to relax… his sense of humour is truly infectious.


They say that every photograph tells a story… well this gorgeous laughing photo of Rory certainly proves this theory. Surely nothing is more amusing to a 7 year old boy, or most big boys to that matter, than the sound of an impressive southernly wind… daddy would have been so proud! The family portrait studio is no place for a prude… extra ventilation is thoroughly recommended though!


When it came to the family portrait of all 3 children I knew it was going to be fun… At first Rory wasn’t very interested in playing ball, he’d had enough of sitting still and now it was party time! However a little persistence and a large amount of patience won the day…and it was well worth the wait! ? I absolutely love both of these family photographs. To me, they perfectly capture the wonderful bond and close relationship of the siblings, just perfect!


A massive thanks to both mum for bringing the family back to the studio and of course to the children for such a lovely fun filled photoshoot.

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