Family Photography Towcester: Lizzy, Bertie and Mum


Family Photography Towcester: Lizzy, Bertie and Mum

Family Photography Towcester: Lizzy, Bertie and Mum 900 600 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Here comes trouble! Meet the lovely confident 2 1/2 year old Lizzy and her vibrant plus equally confident 14 month old brother, Bertie from Towcester. They visited the studio with Mum earlier in the week for their family portrait shoot.

2 year old children are often a touch camera shy and unsure of all the studio lights but Lizzy couldn’t get enough of the camera, hopping straight up onto our posing stool to have her portraits taken, giving us some wonderfully natural expressions to capture.

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Bertie however wasn’t so keen. He just simply didn’t have the time to sit, not when there is so much stuff to poke, whack or throw, he wasn’t having any of that boring photography nonsense! Thankfully Mum was an absolute star, keeping her cool and just about managing to coax Bertie onto the stool, one shot at a time. We had to work super fast with this little lad!

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Thrilled that we’d captured a good variety of individual child portraits, mainly through shear persistence, bags of patience and a healthy dose of bribery, we now moved onto the shot that Mum was particularly keen to bag, the family portrait.

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Mum had already mentioned on the phone that she really wanted a nice relaxed photograph of the three of them together and, although at first it seemed like an impossible task, we managed to photograph a handful of lovely shots of Mum with her 2 kids.

To say ‘relaxed’ may be stretching it just a bit, Mum had to do a fair amount of coaxing with both Lizzy and the now tired and tetchy Bertie, although her calm expression hides it well. Her resilience was certainly rewarded! As parents ourselves we really appreciate the value of these kind of precious images, as photographer’s we also understand how difficult it can be to achieve them!

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Overall we’d like to thank Lizzy, Bertie and of course the ever patient Mum, for such a fun, vibrant, energetic and at time challenging shoot. Looking forward to presenting you with the full set of photographs in a few days time at your viewing!

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