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Family Portraits Northamptonshire

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Family Portraits Northamptonshire, Ellie & Thomas

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A very special family shoot, this time for close friends from here in Northamptonshire, which meant plenty of laughs along the way. We’re lucky as we live very near our oldest friends who we’ve shared many experiences with, and today’s family portraits was another fab experience together.

Introducing Thomas and Ellie, two gorgeous siblings who loved being photographed. The studio was full of squeals of delight during peekaboo to get Thomas chuckling, and smiley Ellie needed no encouragement to show off her pretty summer dress. We’ve photographed them in the past as babies which is way beyond their memory, so it was fantastic to get them back at a new stage.

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A shoot like this can be a victim of its own success however, as we struggled to edit the shots down with so many fab ones to choose from. In the end we got it down to 4 individual shots each and a handful of sibling shots for this blog post. Andy applied his beautiful lighting to Ellie’s full length individual shots, and she was happy to swirl around all smiles, with gorgeous results that work well in square format.

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Thomas wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but loved to interact with us all as the camera fired away and seemed to love the attention. We love his cool dude shirt – only wish they made them for adults ! He’s the mini me version of his dad, minus the power tools and pint of ale. (We’ve struggled to keep this bit polite and decent, there was so much we were tempted to write to tease a good mate…)

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Today’s family shoot really captured the natural beauty of childhood with Thomas and Ellie’s innocent expressions and fun loving characters shining through. A great start to the week and one of the best Monday mornings as it was too much fun feel like work! Enjoy. Debbie Nickerson

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