Family Portraits Rugby: Daisy, Poppy and Freddie


Family Portraits Rugby: Daisy, Poppy and Freddie

Family Portraits Rugby: Daisy, Poppy and Freddie 800 533 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Family Portraits Rugby: Daisy, Poppy and Freddie

Introducing the very lovely Daisy, Poppy and Freddie from Rugby, who popped along to the studio last week with mum for their family portrait photography.

Daisy who is 4 years old and Poppy who is 2 came bounding in and took very little time to relax, although Daisy had already said she didn’t want her photo’s taken today she soon forgot this once her younger sister had taken centre stage! Freddie, who is 1, was a little more unsure but we left him to explore and check out the studio whilst I concentrated on his sisters portraits.

It’s perfectly natural for young children to take a little warming up when they first arrive at the studio, which is why we never rush our shoots and try to keep them as relaxed and friendly as possible. Even then very shy children can be reluctant to have their photographs taken at all, this is when patience becomes the portrait photographer’s greatest asset.

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Patience, both mum’s and mine, certainly paid off with little Freddie. He literally only wanted to sit on the stool for a few seconds at a time, and that was a struggle. Another thing you soon learn when working with kids is to work very fast!

All three children photographed beautifully and we captured a lovely variety of shots. As with many family photo-shoots, it’s not always the obvious portraits that prove to be the favourites. Often the most evocative images are those quieter, more intimate captures where the child isn’t grinning straight at the camera but instead looking more thoughtful or maybe interacting with a sibling.

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After photographing the children individually we then moved onto capturing the three of them together as a family portrait, always a challenge with 3 youngsters but guaranteed good fun!

Freddie really didn’t want to play ball at this stage and was frankly much more interested in the biscuits mum had brought along. However, with a little persistence, and a touch of good old fashioned bribery, we managed to capture a few lovely shots of them all together.

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A lovely family shoot and bags of fun! Massive thanks to Daisy, Poppy, Freddie and of course mum for bringing them along.

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