How To Prepare For Your maternity Charity Shoot

A massive thanks for booking a charity maternity photoshoot with us, we’re looking forward to meeting you and your bump very soon!

Below we’ve put together a few simple pointers to help you prepare for your maternity shoot so that you make the most of your time with us at the studio. If you have any further questions or concerns, however small, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quick chat!

Clothes & Underwear

You’ll need to bring along a nice set of both black and a white underwear. It’s entirely up to you whether these are plain, lace or otherwise but be mindful that they are likely to be visible in the images. It’s preferable that bras are strapless, unless the straps can be comfortably tucked & hidden away without creating a ‘lumpy’ appearance. Please do not wear sports bras which are generally flattening and reduce profile.

It can be helpful, but not essential, to bring a plain front- buttoning mans shirt (that can be worn open or partly closed) plus a simple black tight fitting maternity dress, if you own one.

Finally, Please wear loose clothes on the day of the shoot before you arrive to prevent tight elastic impressions showing on your skin.


We do recommend that you wear make up to achieve definition in your images (especially mascara), but make sure you look and feel like ‘you’ so that you’re comfortable, i.e avoid a heavy application of make up if this isn’t true to you.

Hands are usually on show as they are strategically placed over the bump, so it could be a fab excuse to have a quick manicure. Toes might also be visible if you choose to have full length shots and the same applies.

On a quick note, body lotion can cause nasty glare and reflections where you don’t want it, so we ask that your skin isn’t moisturised on the day (including bump), as it’s easier to remove flaky skin during editing than it is to reduce glare.


Again, it’s entirely up to you how you wear it, but loose, soft hair is complimentary to the feel of most of the pregnancy images we shoot. It’s also a great excuse to book an advance trip to the salon


Wristwatches often look bulky on camera and again, cause distraction, but rings can look good on hands placed across the bump. A bracelet or necklace, especially if meaningful, can add the personal touch to your shots. It’s entirely up to you what jewellery you choose to wear but simple is always the best way forward… nothing to distract away from your gorgeous bump!

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