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Maternity Photography Kettering

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Maternity photography is the natural addition to our studio, and is proving to be great fun. Modelling with a bump is not as easy as it looks, so we always naturally share a few laughs with our clients as we go. It’s also a short lived and special time, with growing popularity to photograph the maternity stage as a keepsake.

Our signature black and white style lends itself well to the shape of a rounded baby belly, as artistic lighting catches the swell of the bump and the shadows, creating curvaceous images of motherhood in its prime. The beauty of the pregnant form is illustrated in our latest shoot, and highlights the elegance of our 28 week pregnant model from Kettering in Northamptonshire.


We feel little is needed to enhance the beauty of this time, again opting for minimal fuss without props or gimmicks. We opt for high styling and dramatic poses to resonate shape and form, which we feel has achieved a sensual quality to our latest set of images. This time, we’ve added in a shot using delicate sheer fabric which creates true drama and impact. It’s got to be said – we love this one.


In all honesty, there is definitely a need to come along ready to reveal a little flesh, but all well within the realms of decency, with no more ‘on show’ than wearing a bikini on a beach. We always have plenty of ongoing discussion with our clients about what feels right and comfortable for them, it’s a personal thing.

Our customers come to us for the shots they can’t achieve at home, so we aim to capture the beautiful and incredible form of a baby belly in artistic and tasteful photography.


We want our customers to feel special in their photos as pregnancy memories dull quickly when the newborn arrives. We hope that our customers images raise a lasting smile, and perhaps even pride when they look back on the time just before their new arrival. Our aim is always to get the best out of our mums to be, and we hope this set of blog images illustrate how passionate we are in doing so.

Many thanks for reading, Debbie Nickerson

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