Natural Newborn Photography Milton Keynes… Henry & Arthur


Natural Newborn Photography Milton Keynes… Henry & Arthur

Natural Newborn Photography Milton Keynes… Henry & Arthur 900 600 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

We’ve got a bit of a fascination for newborn baby names, the trends that come and go, so we absolutely loved photographing the very regal sounding Arthur and his gorgeous big bruv Henry from Milton Keynes today!

We both instantly took a bit of a shine to Henry. At just two and a half years old, a newborn photoshoot can be a pretty boring experience for someone so young and full of beans, but Henry was impeccably behaved and a real credit to mum and dad.

He arrived naturally curious about the studio with its strange contents, and was ready to be photographed way before we’d got baby Arthur ready. We ideally wanted to get a move on before Henry lost interest in the photoshoot, but a when a newborn baby needs food then this has to take priority… and Arthur was feeling hungry!

Henry took it all in his stride and was super patient given his age. He kept a careful eye on what we were doing with his new brother, and checked in with a few concerned kisses as Arthur was being wrapped… the bond between them is clearly already strong and very lovely to see.


When we wrapped Arthur, the aim was to help him feel safe, contained and warm, plus the swaddled look is synonymous with the sleepy newborn stage. From a newborn photographer’s viewpoint, it also stops arms and legs from flailing and obscuring the face.

One of the disadvantages is that the squishiness of being wrapped often results in some nappy action, and the feeding cycle can restart all over again… hence why we allow up to 3 hours for our newborn photoshoots!

Once Arthur was more settled, we captured some beautiful individual portraits which included a sleepy yawn or two. These yawning shots are always super cute, although in all honesty, down to a little fortune on the day.


Then it was over to some of our personal favourites. Once the right combination of food and deep sleep is established, most newborn babies are happy to be positioned for the camera, and Arthur transferred smoothly from one pose to another. His dark crop of hair also gave great definition in his images and works beautifully with our signature black and white photography.


Finally, we captured a few family portraits. We’re always glad of the opportunity to capture these special moments for a new family, although sadly, many sleep deprived parents feel less inclined to feature in their newborn baby’s photographs. We totally ‘get’ this but always feel delighted when family photographs are requested as it’s a unique opportunity you’ll never get back.

We particularly love how Henry looks in this family photo, full of cheeky laughter from being tickled by dad. Although he’s not looking straight into the camera we really love the fact it’s very natural and unposed.


A massive thanks to mum, dad, Henry and Arthur for a fab photoshoot, it was a pleasure working with you all.

If you’d like to find out a little more about our natural style of newborn baby photography, then please follow the link here:  Newborn Photography Bedfordshire 

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