Newborn Baby Photography Market Harborough- Elijah


Newborn Baby Photography Market Harborough- Elijah

Newborn Baby Photography Market Harborough- Elijah 1200 800 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Introducing newborn baby Elijah from Market Harborough. Elijah was just 7 days old when he popped along to our studio for his photoshoot earlier in the week. He has to be one of the calmest, most chilled out babies we’d ever photographed,  an absolute joy!

Normally when newborns arrive at the studio, even if they’re in the deepest of sleeps from the journey, they soon wake up to see what’s going on around them. We like to take advantage of this by capturing a few awake images before we move onto the more traditional deep sleep shots. Elijah was way too chilled for that, he could barely muster a lazy squint!

The first thing you may notice about this shoot, if you’re familiar with our photography style, is that it’s in colour. We decided that we’d style this shoot to work equally as well in both a lovely soft, pastel colour palette plus black and white if Mum and Dad preferred.  Personally we love it and will definitely be adding more carefully considered colour work to our portfolio.

When chatting with Mum and Dad, whilst Elijah was having a well earned feed, we decided that we’d like to try a few intimate shots with Elijah being held by Dad. We’d have happily included Mum but she wisely declined this time. How right Mum was as little Elijah let go the most enormous wee, all over Dad, sprinkler style!

Thankfully Mum and Dad had a fantastic sense of humour, as we all know it could have been a LOT worse! It was well worth a bit of wee though, the shots are gorgeous.

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