Newborn Baby Photography Northampton; Baby Taliah


Newborn Baby Photography Northampton; Baby Taliah

Newborn Baby Photography Northampton; Baby Taliah 1200 800 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Newborn Baby Photography Northampton; Baby Taliah

Becoming a respected newborn baby photographer in the Northamptonshire area is certainly one of our main ambitions for 2015.  It’s a side of our business that we’ll be really expanding over the following months.  To say that Debbie is enjoying her new career path as chief newborn handler and stylist, would be a bit of an understatement!

This shoot features one of the most content and peaceful babies that we’re had the pleasure of working with so far.  3 week old Taliah came to us right on the outer age limits of what we’d normally recommend for a newborn shoot.  As a rule, we’d usually request that Mums bring their baby to us within 2 weeks from birth, simply because they get trickier to pose as they begin to stretch out plus are less willing to go into a deep sleep.  Taliah proved us wrong and reminded us that every child is different, even at this age!

We started the shoot by wrapping Taliah whilst she was still awake.  Not only did this give us some lovely snuggly shots but also gave us the perfect opportunity to photograph her dinky little hands and feet.

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After capturing the detail images we then handed Taliah back to Mum to have a quick nappy change and feed whilst we set-up the next shots together.  The following poses that Debbie aimed to create required Taliah to be fully asleep, so the top up feed ensured she was suitably milk drunk and ready for a lovely deep sleep.

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Little Taliah was so chilled out, in no small part thanks to her wonderfully relaxed Mum, that we could have no doubt continued the shoot for a little longer, although we’d captured everything and more than we’d set out to do.

A massive thanks to Mum for such a wonderfully relaxed newborn photo shoot, really hope you love Taliah’s portraits as much as we do and hope to photograph her again as she continues her new journey in life!

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