Newborn Photographer Northampton: Edward

Newborn Photographer Northampton: Edward

Newborn Photographer Northampton: Edward 150 150 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Newborn Photographer Northampton: Edward

Introducing 10 day old newborn Edward from Brixworth, Northampton. This gorgeous little baby came to us for his photoshoot today after a rocky night. Although this wasn’t so good for his mum, it did mean that he was super tired and gave us the opportunity to make him comfortable in our favourite newborn poses.

True to newborn form, he arrived fast asleep with a teasing idea that we might get straight to work, but he followed the familiar pattern of waking to check out why he’d been so rudely awoken as mum undressed him.

After a feed he enjoyed a wriggle around on one of our favourite fluffy blankets allowing some lovely close up photography to be taken. Then it was back for a milk top up with mum before hitting solid sleep.

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We then moved on to one of our favourite poses, a super comfy position that never fails to look gorgeous. Its also semi upright which I like for a baby who has a full tummy so wins my preference as a starting point when baby is milk drunk.

We then popped Edward on his front and side, we couldn’t resist placing a ted in one of the shots. That’s one of the best things about working with a milk drunk baby; the fun in tweaking the position to get it just right, we both agreed it doesn’t feel much like work when things are going well!

Maybe its my healthcare career or my own experience as a parent, I’m always super conscious of tiny fingers and toes being safely placed and for full tummies not to be too tightly squished when I’m posing.

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Finally, this chilled out fella had a stretch with a very laid back shot to end, and I for one felt sad for the shoot to finish.

Andy and I always learn from every photo shoot, and it always feels a privilege to be party to these precious early days. One of today’s pleasures was the involvement of mum. It was lovely for us to share enthusiasm and the whole experience together, sometimes stopping just to giggle together at some of Edward’s random expressions and movements which were very cute and stopped us in our tracks to smile and enjoy the moment.

A huge thank you to mum and Edward.

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