Newborn Twin Photography, Orla & Eloise


Newborn Twin Photography, Orla & Eloise

Newborn Twin Photography, Orla & Eloise 600 400 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

No one ever told us that photographing newborn twins would be such a mesmerising experience. Beautiful Orla and Eloise at 7 days old couldn’t fail to do anything but captivate us at the studio.

We jumped at the chance to photograph these beautiful baby girls when a returning client got in touch with their life changing news, having had a newborn shoot with their older son a couple of years ago. It’s always flattering when client returns, especially when it involves a drive from London with not one but two newborn babies!

Twin togetherness was very much something we hoped to achieve in our planning, as we’re used to capturing gorgeous newborn babies but having twins is an incredibly special event. Our client trusted us to ‘do our thing’ so we focused on the amazing sibling bond and decided quality over quantity of images would achieve the most memorable results.


The girls seemed at their most content when they were snuggled up close together, and we found that they were able to settle each other through close contact. Andy worked both in front and behind the camera for this shoot, as an extra pair of hands is an absolute must for any twin baby photoshoot. Both of us worked to transition and pose the girls safely, keeping a close eye on movement because of little heads resting against each other and occasional flailing arms making safety our absolute priority, photography second. Each pose took additional time to usual due to the extra care involved. Hands used to posing were very much used as a protective barrier while we worked, or a hidden support in the images, an enjoyable challenge! Intense vigilance paid off with a set of images we’re thrilled to present to our clients.

Newborn photoshoots can be straightforward or a waiting game depending on how settled and sleepy the baby is. We thought the number variables with twins could make this a tricky shoot but our concerns were unfounded, Orla and Eloise just wanted to eat and sleep and did so despite the drive up from London. Put simply, they were an absolute dream to work with.

One of the biggest challenges was the head on hands shot, one of our all time favourite poses which we hoped to create, especially as it was a strong image from their brothers newborn shoot. Little Orla was sleepy but restless at this stage, although you wouldn’t know from the results. It was worth persevering while she settled as side by side the girls look amazing. The shot really captures Eloise & Orla as individuals, with their unique differences emphasised in close up.


I think our favourite shots are the close up full body images as they are so simple and naturally styled, the jumble of arms, legs and fingers showing how happy and comfy the girls are together. Their tiny features are also emphasised by the purity of this shot, they’ll be growing so fast over the next few months it’s precious to have these details captured forever.

One of the most enjoyable things we get to see while we work with newborns are the little fleeting milky, windy smiles which are so incredibly cute. We managed to catch a couple on camera and this one from Eloise can’t fail to get a reaction through the cuteness of her expression.

Would we photograph newborn twins again? Yes. In a heartbeat. These two beautiful babies were amazing to work with and a real pleasure to photograph. We love the fact that our client chose us to photograph their precious baby daughters and it was a fantastic shoot, thank you mum and dad so much for a very special opportunity.

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