You’re thinking of booking into a family portrait studio, however you need a little convincing that us professional are worth your time and investment?  You might think this article a blatantly gratuitous and self serving piece, written only in the interest of cold commerce and self promotion… well to be honest you’d not be too far off the mark but I do have some serious thoughts for you to ponder.

Many portrait photographers would try to promote their studio by bleating on and on about their extensive training, in depth knowledge/experience, their unique creative eye, the expensive equipment and technology we continually invest in and of course the consistent quality and reliability you can expect as a result.  Although I would be daft to disagree I prefer instead to talk from a real Mum or Dad’s perspective, a slightly more philosophical stance.

Some stock phrases in our family household include “They’re growing up too fast” or “It seems like only yesterday that…” The sad, brutal but simple truth is that children aren’t children forever and at the end of the day, once your kids become big hairy adults, photographs and memories are often the only things you’ll have to look back on to remind you of their infant years!   With that in mind you’d really better make sure those portraits truly reflect and capture your kid’s real characters and maybe help fill in a few of the gaps as those precious memories start to fade.


Of course not all photography has to be professionally captured images, indeed some of my favourite shots of our own kids are the crudely shot incidentals taken in the moment.  However it really is a very very special treat to invest in a set of artfully lit, beautifully composed and presented portraits!  As hopefully any one of my clients will say, you really will enjoy them each and every single day.

A few words of caution to be aware of when choosing a professional: please do be careful not to be too seduced by photographers who heavily employ the use of meaningless props or arty backgrounds.  Of course this is largely down to personal taste but the images created can all too often look prematurely dated, say precious little about who your child really is and simply distract your eye away from their true natural beauty.  That’s why I personally prefer to strip away all distractions and really concentrate on capturing your children’s natural personalities!

We come in many shapes, sizes and flavours so you’ll no doubt have a huge array of local photographers to choose from.  There’s bound to be one that appeals to your personal taste and wallet, but (and here’s the gratuitous bit) I’m the best!  I do so hate to disappoint.

Thanks for reading and please continue exploring our site.

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