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Northamptonshire Baby Photographer, Maisie

We don’t think it’s possible to stop adoring gorgeous newborn babies, and little Maisie was a tiny 9 days old new bundle that did just that today. Maisie’s proud parents wanted pure and simple photography of their newborn daughter, and Maisie needed no props to work her magic!

This little girl loved her sleep, and was peaceful and content throughout the shoot. Most newborns wake for a peer around at the studio with the odd complaint at being moved, but Maisie was chilled and placid throughout and slept on without objection.

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It can be a challenge to get shots of flailing feet but worth it as they are very cute, but Andy’s task was made easier today. No newborn seems to be able to resist the lure of a warm, soft, fluffy rug to lie on and she appeared very comfy, artfully flexing her feet on cue when the flash popped.

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This shoot was a lot of fun, we had to remind ourselves we were working and not spend too long admiring her as there was a job to do! Maisie is one of our tiniest clients to date, and certainly one of the most peaceful. No amount of talking to her or stoking her cheek made her to stir to show us her eyes for some awake shots. This little one wanted to sleep so she did, beautifully.

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A little restless towards the end, we took a quick side on shot which we’re selective about using and avoid just after a milk feed, as this could be uncomfortable for a baby with a full tummy (and an unhelpful position when colicky). Maisie scrunched down into this position and tucked in tight for a moment before finally waking, showing some gorgeous ripples down her skin in a foetal position before she wanted more milk.

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Another wonderful shoot for us! We base success on the safety and comfort of the newborn as our priority, and second to this is the photography. The experience for our parents is also very important who we hope will relax and enjoy their experience. When we can laugh together and share some ‘moments’, this feels like the best job in the world and we’re as excited to share the results as our clients are to come back for their viewing.

A huge thanks to Maisie’s mum and dad for choosing us and sharing this special time.

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