Older Baby Photography, Jessica


Older Baby Photography, Jessica

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Older Baby Photography, Jessica

If you’ve missed capturing some very early newborn photographs then these portraits of the gorgeous 15 week old baby Jessica hopefully prove that you can take some amazing pictures at any time in a babies development!

Many won’t realise that we photograph older babies as well as newborns, although it’s a totally different experience. Older babies change so quickly week on week, and the newborn phase, when they are all creased and scrunched up, passes in the blink of an eye. Whilst this can cause wistfulness, then along comes their character.

It’s a big ask to bring a baby to the studio in the hope they’ll perform, and we know this can be a source of mild anxiety for some parents. So we take our time and don’t book more than one older baby shoot in the morning or afternoon. This ensures we can allow adequate time for babies to feed, cuddle and settle, ensuring the shoot is calm and enjoyable. The rewards of patience is shown with Jessica’s shoot, with big smiles and her obvious contentment that helped capture her natural good nature.

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Regrettably, Jessica’s images don’t come with a soundtrack, as we all thoroughly enjoyed the little squeals of excitement and pleasure she made while dad and mum encouraged her to smile. She really loved the attention and genuinely enjoyed the experience.

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It’s also rewarding to include parents in older baby shoots as the camera loves this natural family interaction. It’s easy to forget these family shots when taking photos at home, due to the impossibility of having the camera to hand at key moments, or the mood changing before you’ve got the lens cap off.

A shoot is also a shared experience for new families and an image of baby with parents to be treasured. We speak from experience, as the ‘busman’s holiday’ factor means we have a modest record of our own early family months.

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Another really lovely shoot. A big thanks to mum and dad for coming along and sharing little Jessica with us.

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