How To Prepare For Your Family Photoshoot

Before your photoshoot.

A happy and relaxed child is normally a responsive and therefore photogenic one. Sounds a bit daft but please make sure they are all rested and well fed on the day.  Please do try to avoid over-directing them beforehand or asking them to smile or “Say Cheese”! Forced smiles look awful and often serve to make your child feel overly self-conscious and anxious. The most successful shoots are the ones where parents haven’t talked about it too much or over prepared, haven’t made a huge deal out of it and haven’t prepped their kids to be on their best behaviour – it leads to a more natural shoot when things are a bit more off-the-cuff.

We want your child to feel comfortable, relaxed and most of all exhibit their gorgeous NATURAL behaviour.

Also, it’s best for children to arrive for their shoot when they’re fresh, and not immediately after a club, close to a mealtime or during an infant’s usual nap time as tiredness and hunger are understandably, not the best ingredients!

What if they are naughty at the photoshoot?

Please don’t worry at all, we’re very very used to all sorts of interesting behaviour and it normally passes with in a few minutes! The studio is equipped with many distractions, including a biscuit tin, and we have the patience of a saint.  If all else fails we have ear-plugs available! In fact, you might need to let them misbehave…just a little bit! Let them relax and be a bit cheeky – within reason – and we won’t mind. In fact, it’ll lead to better photographs, providing they’re not trashing the place.

What sort of clothes should we wear?

Please don’t get too hung up on this, we specialises in intimate close-up character portraits that are photographed in black and white, therefore for many of the shots your childs clothes simply won’t show. One thing we do try to steer our clients away from are overly fussy/frilly tops or T-shirts with really prominent logo‘s.  Heavy fashionable logo’s can prematurely date a portrait and too much fuss can distract away from your children’s natural beauty; simplicity is the key here.

If you are specifically wishing to capture group/family portraits, including yourselves, then please be aware of this and dress accordingly. Plain, similarly toned colours work well, either all dark or all light tones… just try a dress in a similar shade/tone.  It’s very much down to personal taste how ‘styled’ you’d like your shoot, but generally, the more harmonious your clothes the better.

A special note specifically to parents of babies/toddlers: vests often peek out and create distraction around the neckline, so if your toddler can manage without a vest for a couple of hours, your images will benefit. Also, please try to choose round neck tops as shirts with collars/pinafore straps/dungaree straps might be cute, but have a habit of riding up and obscuring a young childs lower face area which we’d ideally like to avoid.

What else should we bring along to the shoot?

Do please consider bringing a hairbrush if your child has longer hair. A favourite cuddly toy is a must, it often helps settle a nervous child and maybe we can photograph them together?

Do we as parents need to get involved in the shoot?

Totally, we cannot stress this enough! By far the most successful shoots are when the parents forget their inhibitions and get fully stuck in, enjoy yourselves. Interaction with both yourselves and siblings is priceless. We’ll happily sing along to Postman Pat with you!

How long does a shoot take?

The shoot typically lasts between 45-90 minutes and this depends heavily on your children. However we pride ourselves on our relaxed quality service so you’ll never feel rushed as we always allow for plenty of time for bookings, in fact we rarely book more than 2 in any one day.

What if my kids are poorly on the day?

Not a problem, we have two kids of his own so very used to poorly children.  We want them looking and feeling at their best and a snotty nose is not a good look so just give us a call as soon as possible and we’ll rearrange the session free of charge. Please don’t worry about the odd spot or blemish though, we can quickly remove them at the final retouching stage.

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