Is Newborn Photography Safe?

The arrival of a newborn baby is one of life’s most precious moments… a moment that should be celebrated!

A favourite way to celebrate is to capture them forever with some gorgeous newborn photography… but is it actually safe?

A quick google search will find an abundance of newborn photographers to choose from, of mixed abilities and artistic style. So to help you make an informed and safe decision we’ve written this quick guide…

Our extra covid-19 safety precautions are mentioned at the bottom of the post.


3 things to ask when choosing a newborn photographer:


  • Industry specific training. It’s essential to ask about your photographers professional training and past experience of working with tiny babies, it’s not enough to simply be a parent themselves or just have an expensive camera. Hopefully they’ll give you a detailed answer to help you feel assured of their credentials. All newborn photographers have to start somewhere but anyone working within this niche industry has a responsibility to have sought quality training on both safe and ethical practice.


  • The appropriate use of Photoshop. We all know that newborn babies are top heavy and cannot safely support the weight of their own head, therefore it must at all times be adequately supported and protected from sudden impact and shock. With this in mind, many of the more elaborate photographs seen, such as where the baby appears balanced or suspended from an object, are actually constructed afterwards using Photoshop. Professional newborn photographers will inform you that these type of images are composites made up of two, maybe three separate photographs that have been skilfully blended together to create one final image… an assistant’s hands or other supports have been edited out afterwards.


  • Professional Insurances. Finally, and for a little extra reassurance, do make sure that your chosen photographer carries an adequate amount of public liability plus public indemnity cover, both for them and for any staff that may work with them.

I was really excited to have a newborn photoshoot for my little boy, but as a midwife, I was really apprehensive as he was born premature – however, once I arrived at Andy and Debbie’s studio, any worries I had quickly disappeared! – Five Stars.”

New mum & midwife Laura

What do we bring to the table?


  • Our own training and experience. Before adding newborn photography to our portfolio in 2014, Debbie had expert training with one of the UK’s leading newborn photographers, Sarah Wilkes. On top of this Debbie also has a 20 year professional nursing career, paediatric first aid training with St John’s, plus health visitor training. Throughout your newborn shoot, Debbie will be carefully and constantly observing your baby and reading their expressions to ensure they are at ease, comfortable and safe. She will monitor for signs of reflux (and adjust the pose if necessary), for good circulation, and unrestricted breathing when positioned or swaddled.


  • We understand when to use composites. Andy has a degree in photography and had over 20 years of industry experience, including 10 years working as a high end commercial photographer in London. He has been using Photoshop professionally, almost since the dawn of the digital era so has an expert knowledge of when and how to use composite images. However this being said, Andy actually prefers a pure and more natural approach to newborn photography, without the use of elaborate props and poses that require heavy photoshop.


  • Professional Insurances. You can be rest assured that we have full and up to date public liability and indemnity insurances.