Should I book a maternity photoshoot?


Should I book a maternity photoshoot?

Should I book a maternity photoshoot? 600 400 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Does the thought of a maternity photoshoot tease you? Feel too nervous to give it a go? Many clients have told us they wish they’d captured images of their bump during their pregnancy, but felt too shy or nervous to book. Here’s a few considerations to help your decision based on our clients feedback. A massive thanks to our lovely client for letting us share her beautiful pregnancy photography and help illustrate this article.

5 things you need you’d know about maternity photography…

1. It’s fun! Honest!
A maternity session is about you and your amazing body. It’s your time to shine and enjoy this transient period in your life. Any photographer worth their salt will understand that you’re likely to be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and have a laugh with you along the way. There’s a necessary element of instruction to help you know where to look and how to stand, but this doesn’t have to be blatant bossiness or barking orders. With a dose of humour the posing can be lighthearted and help give the images a natural feel. We always like to acknowledge that we’re all adults as one of our recent images in particular entails clamping fabric to a pole with our client inside to achieve a profile shot. Clamps and poles sound somewhat Fifty Shades of Grey so a bit of adult humour usually emerges in a shoot like this! Who’d have thought?! The years ahead will be censored with little ears listening in to conversations so it’s great to come with an open mind and earthy sense of humour before conversation changes!

2. If you can create the same image at home, is it worth paying for it?
We hear this a lot at exhibitions and shows, and it’s so true. If you’re going to the trouble of investing in professional photography, then you’ll want to feel special and for your images to capture the elements missing from your phone camera – technical expertise, lighting know how and subtle editing if desired. Our maternity work has a particular style and we’re true to it because we believe the pregnant form is beautiful, we’ve designed shots to celebrate it. Other photographers use props and settings to add to the final image, a bit of research will pay dividends to help you capture your bump in a style most suited to you.

3. Your images will mean more to you after baby arrives.
We’re told this by our maternity clients time and again. Once little one arrives, its all attention on your new baby, and pregnancy memories usually start to fade. Whether you’ve felt fabulous throughout or whether you’ve been affected by various ailments, your images capture the physical beauty of this time in your life, irrespective of how you’re feeling. We so often hear the phrase “I wish I’d had it done” when it’s too late and baby is here. For those feeling nervous about revealing their body, there is an element of exposure but only down to your underwear so its no different to wearing a bikini on your hols. Please be assured there is certainly no expectation for you to bare all !

4. Display or not to display.
If Great Aunty Maud visits often and is a bit of a prude, a feature wall piece in your front room might be a bit awkward unless you’re not phased by opinion, (after all, its your house). Most clients are looking for a keepsake; a special pregnancy memory and a private record of their amazing body. A keepsake wallet fits this bill perfectly, something that can be referred to over the years and can be tucked inside a drawer for privacy when this is an issue. On the other hand, if you love a bit of scale then a feature piece has real presence and becomes a talking point with visitors, with the bonus that your little one will visually become aware of exactly how much they were loved before they even arrived!

5. Posing isn’t difficult
There’s no know-how required, we’ll do all the talking and direction. All you have to do is come along willing to participate, and willing to let us know when you need a rest break etc. The session is about you as mum-to-be and your welfare is paramount, ultimately the photography comes second to you and your baby’s comfort. Interestingly, for anyone with any sensitivity to how their body looks, please be aware we don’t really see ‘you’! This might sound odd, but we’re looking at shape, form, composition and lighting and these are thought through as elements on-the-go during the shoot. Its afterwards during review when the whole image is then seen and appreciated as one. Neither do we post anything on social media without permission, again there’s no obligation to share although fab when you do chose to!

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