Theo and Ollie, Child and Newborn Photography in Northampton

Sibling Portrait

Theo and Ollie, Child and Newborn Photography in Northampton

Theo and Ollie, Child and Newborn Photography in Northampton 750 500 Family & Newborn Photography Northampton

Mum and Dad of two year old Theo and newborn Ollie, booked in for a shoot after being kindly recommended by their good friends (and past clients of ours) from Northampton. Mum was really keen to capture Ollie whilst he was just two weeks old and still very very cute, and Theo’s cheeky smile!

The brief : To photograph a generous selection of both individual child and family portraits, that capture their growing family forever and create a wonderful everlasting keepsake.

Having two children myself and so fully understanding that 2 year old boys aren’t renowned for their patience, I decided to photograph Theo first, whilst Mum was giving Ollie a feed. As with all shoots of this kind I aimed to capture his natural cheeky little character and so designed the shoot to be as relaxed and un-posed as possible.

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After capturing Theo’s portraits, we then moved onto the sibling shots whilst Ollie was still fairly awake and would interact nicely with his big brother. Having only had a fortnight to get used to the new family member, Theo wasn’t overly sure about being so close to his baby brother, so we had to work very fast and employ a healthy amount of bribery to get the shots. Luckily at trip into the house to stroke our dog seemed to do the trick, oh and a special Peppa Pig cookie!

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Confident that we’d banked the shots, it was then time to completely strip down the studio and get ready for Debbie to work her new found baby whispering magic. This gave Mum a chance for a cuddle and top up feed, ensuring that our little newborn was suitably ‘milk drunk’ and ready for a nice deep sleep.

We then photographed a variety of classic newborn poses and also a handful of my favourite abstract shots such as the close-up images of Ollie’s hands and feet, which Debbie had cunningly held to form a heart shape.

WARNING! The following images could make Mum’s everywhere dangerously broody!

[imageeffect image=”9534″ alt=”Newborn Photograph taken in Northampton studio” lightbox=”yes”][imageeffect image=”9535″ alt=”Close-up of Newborn” lightbox=”yes”][imageeffect image=”9539″ alt=”Baby hands in heart shape” lightbox=”yes”][imageeffect image=”9537″ alt=”Newborn Night Night pose” lightbox=”yes”][imageeffect image=”9536″ alt=”Older baby photography” lightbox=”yes”][imageeffect image=”9538″ alt=”baby’s feet macro photo” lightbox=”yes”]

Overall, a fantastic shoot with a wonderful family. As always, it’s truly an honour to be entrusted to photograph such a precious time in a family’s life and we thank Mum and Dad for choosing us!

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