The Best Age To Have Professional Photographs Taken Of Your Baby?

The first 18 months of your child’s life is truly mind-blowing. You’re going to be very busy enjoying the most incredible changes both in terms of their physical and personal development. Obviously, as a portrait studio specialising in photographing children, we would love to document all of these changes for you… but appreciate this will rarely be practical.

This blog post is written with the sole aim of helping you to make the right decision… benefit from our many years of practical experience in working with and photographing babies of all age ranges.


Newborn, 0-2 Weeks

This is a proper “awwww” photoshoot, something really quite special and unrepeatable. Typically photographed asleep, these beautifully fragile and precious newborn days are captured within the first 2 weeks of birth, when your baby is still very foetal and sleepy. After this time your baby will tend to sleep less and prefer to stretch out more, making these wonderfully serene images much harder to capture.

You’ll spend hours gazing at your tiny bundle, often in sheer amazement and often just simply marvelling at the fact that “We made them!” We’ll capture their most minute and perfect details forever… their milky smiles, downy hair, tiny fingers, dinky noses and toes… newborn photography will certainly save you the worry of memories turning ‘fuzzy’ with time.


1-3 Months

From 3 weeks onwards, your baby will now be far more alert and switched on to the world around them, making some wide awake shots a must. Your baby will not be able to mobilise independently yet, meaning the range of individual portraits is specific to shots where baby is lying down or fully supported in some way. To increase the variety of images, we encourage all families to get involved with the photoshoot. Babies love being held closely in a cuddle, whether with parents or with an older sibling.


4-5 Months

The strength in your baby’s neck will now typically allow for a few shots lying on their tummy or even sitting-up with a little extra support. It’s worth noting that modelling is surprisingly tiring for little ones, and therefore the pace of the shoot is vital. The rewards are great, your baby will now be responsive to smiles and playful interaction, capturing those early giggles is heartwarming stuff. Be forewarned though, this might mean games of peek-a-boo, tickles and blowing raspberries to relax your little one into their natural disposition.


5-12 Months

Gloriously gummy smiles are mixed with big curious personalities, making this a fantastic age for capturing your baby’s emerging character. Unaffected by self consciousness, raw expression and emotion is often beautiful, but always captivating. This is a time when the bond with your baby has really strengthened and their expression can stop you in your tracks. Strangely, it’s often the the non-smiley, coy glances and fleeting expressions that pack the biggest punch, the power being the display of natural, authentic character where innocence and beauty really shines through in your child’s final portraits. A wonderfully rewarding age to capture!

12-18 Months

Your baby’s first birthday milestone is a popular age to celebrate with some super cheeky portraiture. Your baby will seem huge in comparison to their newborn photos! Many infants are on the move by this stage whether on all fours, shuffling along on their bottom or taking their first tentative steps. They’ve probably got a few teeth too, as the endless slobber will prove. This age now allows for a more physical range of poses, such as sitting playing or concentrating to examine a toy, standing with support or lying down for the briefest moment for a rest! There’s often belly laughter (and a few tears) when interacting with parents, with cheeky expressions as baby cruises along furniture and sometimes, proud smiles taking early steps. If range is what you’re after, then this is a very fulfilling shoot… although it can be hard work keeping up with a 1 year old who seems fuelled by endless energy!


18 Months Onwards

Your little one now has bags of vibrant character (and stubborn strong will) so can be photographed at any time to capture their cheeky personality. Although they will of course continue to grow and develop, the changes are not as dramatic as those that take place in the first year of life which leaves more time to book a professional photoshoot. What does change though, are the details. More height, build, hair and mannerisms all of which are synonymous with how you know and love your child. Most infants, one way or another, are on the move during this window in time. Your photoshoot is likely to be fast and furious as there is no magic to slow a spirited toddler who has just learnt they can move by themselves, quite simply expect it to be frenetic… but a ton of fun!

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