Why Should I Invest In Wall Art?

We love creating bespoke wall art for our clients, however listed below are just a few of the benefits to our client:

1. Quality
Most high street photo labs, even many professional ones, do such an awful job of printing our work. After going to all the trouble of capturing those beautiful images you deserve to enjoy beautiful prints too. We’ve spent years researching the very best craftsmen and have experimented extensively with the raw ingredients that make up a gorgeous long lasting print. We can guarantee that not only will you will love the quality of our framed prints but that you will enjoy them for many many years to come.

From a selfish viewpoint, quality and longevity means everything to our business reputation. If a client pops into their local supermarket with a USB stick of our images and asks for a nice big canvas print, when that canvas comes back and looks cheap with the colours being completely wrong, that’s a terrible representation of our work plus an awful advert for anyone else who may see that canvas.

2. Value
The thought of owning digital files is far better than the reality. Why do we say this? How often do you sit at your computer or tablet and browse your photos? Once, maybe twice or at best a handful of times a year. In comparison how often do you look at and enjoy the pictures hanging on your walls, whether they may be photographs or paintings? The pictures on your walls actually represent much better value as they become an intrinsic part of your everyday life.


3. Bespoke
Some photographers will get you in and out the studio in under an hour, knock you out a disk full of barely retouched/edited jpegs or a handful of poor quality inkjets, whereas we spend quality time with you, listen to your individual needs plus fully hand retouch every single photograph we deliver. By investing in bespoke artwork you are enjoying the best possible service from us and benefiting from our full skill set.

When it comes down to designing framed artwork, especially multi aperture pieces, we have extensive experience simply in what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. We’ll carefully create mock-up representations of how your finished piece will look in photoshop and make or suggest alterations as needed. You’ll never feel rushed or sold to and only when you are 100% certain will we ask you to commit.

4. Enjoyment
Not only will framed artwork of your children make you smile each and everyday, which is surely good enough reason alone to invest in bespoke wall art, but also on an egotistical note, just how good does it make you feel when guests compliment you on your kids photographs? Indulge yourself.

5. Family Portraits Can Help Boost Your Children’s Self Esteem
Sound a little far fetched? Well not according to an article commissioned by Design Aglow magazine in America. The article suggests that by physically displaying your children’s portraits around the home it can help them understand your family history and where they fit into this, plus it reinforces the positive message that they are a very important, valued and most of all loved member of the family. An interesting read and certainly not a benefit you’d enjoy from a digital photograph hidden on your computers hard drive.

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