Little Sitter Session Northampton

Our little sitter sessions are older baby photoshoots perfectly designed for capturing professional portraits of babies who have reached a milestone in their development.

Typically, this is when your baby can sit up independently, or propped a little with cushions, but are not fully mobile… usually when your baby is around 6 to 9 months old.

During this stage, your baby baby will have developed enough neck strength and balance to sit unassisted for short periods, but they are not yet running around the studio!


Our little sitter photoshoot sessions are very popular with clients with older babies. At this age are often full of cheeky personality and natural expression, making for adorable and memorable baby portraits.

It’s worth noting that due to our natural prop-free approach, we don’t offer cake smash sessions but instead prefer to focus on capturing your baby’s unique features, expressions, and milestones.

 The resulting photographs from a little sitter session often serve as cherished family keepsakes, capturing a special moment in baby’s development that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Featured Little Sitter Session – 8 Month Poppy

We recently welcomed gorgeous little 8 month old Poppy back to the studio after first photographing her as a sleepy newborn baby. It’s always lovely to catch up with babies and their parents and amazing to see just how much they’ve changed in such a short space of time.

In fact, newborn clients will very often choose to return to the studio to have updated baby portraits taken at around 6-12-months-old, it seems to be a natural milestone to want to capture and cherish.


Older babies are one of our personal favourite subjects to photograph, and when you look at the beautifully candid portraits of Poppy, you’ll understand why.

At 6-9 months old, babies will often exhibit cheeky and playful expressions that reflect their newfound curiosity and mischievousness. We love capturing these spontaneous moments of laughter, giggles, and cute silliness.

These close-up headshots of Poppy perfectly capture her playful and cheeky character.


We then move onto some full-length body portraits of Poppy sitting on our chaise and on the floor with her favourite teddy, perfectly capturing her new developmental stage.


*A little bit of unwelcome advice*
Always purchase at least 2 copies of any soft toy your child becomes attached to. It might sound obvious to a seasoned parent, but this would have saved us a world of pain when our two were infants.

Your child will inevitably leave their precious teddy at some hideous soft play centre, have its ears chewed by a pesky pet, or simply be worn-out by overzealous cuddling.


We finish her photoshoot with a handful of wonderfully intimate family portraits with her lovely mum and dad. These heart-warming and tender moments on connection deserved to be captured and then enjoyed forever.

Book Your Little Sitter Session For Just £50

We’re 100% confident you’ll fall in love with the portraits we capture for you, which is why we’ll only take a £50 deposit when you book your little sitter photoshoot.

This includes a relaxed photoshoot at our friendly Northamptonshire studio, an online web gallery to view all your gorgeous photos from the comfort of your home, plus £50 credit towards your final order.

Please click here to view our Investment Guide…

Or get in touch to find out more about our special offers and check our availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Little Sitter Sessions

  • Firstly, it’s very important to choose the right time to book your little sitter session: Plan the photoshoot for a time when your baby will be well-rested and content, such as after a nap or feeding. If your baby is happy and relaxed then they will be more cooperative during the shoot… and we’ll capture super gorgeous photos!

    Fully engage with your baby: The most successful little sitter shoots are when mum and dad are full committed. No one knows your baby like you do so get involved by making silly faces or funny sounds, singing their favourite songs, or use toys to capture the baby’s attention and keep them engaged during the shoot. Interacting naturally with your baby will elicit their most natural smiles and lovable expressions.

    Be patient and flexible: Babies can be unpredictable, so please be patient and flexible during the shoot. We always allow plenty of time for breaks, feeding, and soothing as needed, and go with the flow to capture those authentic moments.

    Get involved with the photoshoot: We absolutely love capturing those sweet moments of interaction and connection between you and your baby. They don’t have to be formal portraits, you don’t even need to look at the camera.

  • The duration of a little sitter session can vary depending on your baby’s temperament on the day. Sessions usually last between 30 minutes to an hour to allow enough time for breaks, feeds, and soothing as needed.

  • It’s best to dress your baby in comfortable and cute outfits for the photoshoot. Avoid clothing with busy patterns or logos that may distract from your baby’s features.

    Some parents choose to bring multiple outfits for variety during the session.

    Once you’ve booked your little sitter session, we’ll then send you our how-to-prepare-guide which has all the information you’ll need to prepare… you can also ask as many questions as you like!

  • While we predominantly offer a prop free style of baby photography, we do have a selection of toys available to help warm-up and engage your baby.

    You are of course very welcome to bring your own personal items if you have anything specific in mind. This could include a favourite blanket or stuffed toy etc.

  • Yes, absolutely! Close family members are always very welcome to participate in the little sitter session. Older siblings, parents, or even grandparents can add a lovely personal depth and emotion to your photos, capturing those special moments of interaction and family connection.

  • We love photographing babies of all ages so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss.

    Also, we’ve written a post which is designed to help you choose what age to book your baby session.

“Andy blew us away with the shots that he has captured of our little girl! We got the photos back within the same day and he captured our little ones personality perfectly! Andy takes time to chat and get to know you and has amazing patience when it comes to capturing the right moments. I will be recommending to everyone.”

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