Newborn Photography Northampton

Let’s start with the basics… professional newborn photography is a very specialized genre of baby photography focused on capturing high-quality images of babies within the first few weeks of their life.

These newborn sessions typically take place when baby is between 7 to 14 days old, as they are still super sleepy and can be posed comfortably.

The main goal of newborn photography is to capture timeless, heart-warming images that families can cherish for years to come.


What Makes Our Newborn Photography Different?

We avoid elaborate props, novelty outfits and unnatural looking poses. We believe your baby is already naturally beautiful and doesn’t need any distractions… you can’t improve on perfection!

We combine naturally comfortable poses with richly textured fabrics. Beautiful lighting with artistic compositions. Gorgeous velvety black and white tones with subtle editing… we make your newborn baby the shining star of the show.

Our distinct style of newborn photography goes far beyond simple snapshots, we’ll give you the opportunity to preserve the precious memories of your baby’s earliest days in an artful, timeless and meaningful way.

With our newborn photography you get two for the price of one.

Not only do you get me, a passionate photographer with a 25 year career, you also get my wife Debbie, an experienced nurse with paediatric first aid training and an all-round lovely human.

Featured Newborn Photography Northampton – Week Old Aurora

We recently welcomed week-old Aurora (Rory) to the studio with her lovely first-time parents. We ideally like to photograph our newborn’s at around 7-14 days old, so Rory was the perfect age.

Before we start any newborn shoot, we first like to spend a few minutes chatting with mum and dad, explaining how things work, having a cup of tea/coffee and generally get to know each other.

We appreciate that for many new parents, the visit to our studio for their baby’s newborn shoot is very often the first trip out together as a new family. We work hard to make sure that this precious time is as relaxing, enjoyable and memorable as possible.


To begin Rory’s newborn session, Debbie started by gently swaddling, or wrapping her securely in a soft and stretchy fabric.

We find that swaddling helps to soothe and keep baby comfortable during the first part of their photoshoot, when they can very often be awake and a touch unsettled.

Once Rory was wrapped and settled, Debbie then carefully posed her on our giant beanbag, which has been covered in layers of gorgeously textured blankets. This ensures baby’s safety and gives them that lovely snuggly comfort.

Aesthetically, wrapping baby also helps to creates a clean and cohesive look in the final images, eliminating any distractions and focusing attention on baby’s tiny features and delicate expressions.


Hands and feet are often a focal point in our newborn photography. We like to pay special attention to capturing these dinky details because they are visual symbols of their newness and innocence.

These impressively detailed close-up shots highlight the tiny wrinkles, creases, and dimples, emphasizing the newborn’s cuteness.

We find that these features hold a unique charm and beauty that families will cherish as their baby grows, serving as timeless reminders of the precious moments and fleeting stages of infancy.


Normally by this stage of the newborn photoshoot, baby has settled and fallen into a deep milk drunk sleep. Think post-Christmas dinner levels of sleepiness!

Now that baby is asleep, Debbie can now move onto the more classically posed newborn photos such on their front, side and the uber chilled-out hands behind their head shot… all of which little Rory nailed.

It’s worth noting that not all newborn’s will be so accommodating. Some babies will take several feeds, endless winding, a couple of dramatic nappy changes, plus a good amount of cuddling before they are sleepy enough to continue the shoot. We’re a very baby led studio so baby is always boss!


“They’re never going to fit into your hands again” has become one of our stock phrases, but it’s still so true.

When mum and dad don’t wish to be directly featured in any family portraits, which is entirely understandable, we like to finish a newborn photoshoot with a couple of intimate portraits featuring parents hands.

Not only does it look heart-warmingly gorgeous, it also serves as a wonderfully artistic visual reminder of just how small their baby once was.

Kind words from Chelsea & Craig, Aurora’s mum & dad

“This was our first experience of a newborn shoot as first-time parents and it was fabulous. Recovering from childbirth and having your precious little being out in the world is sometimes terrifying, but Andy and Debbie made the whole experience an absolute delight!

Andy has captured some beautiful moments of our little lady, even showing her personality this early on, and Debbie was incredible at keeping the main star as happy as we’ve seen her. I cannot recommend them enough and will definitely use them for future projects. Thank you both so much.”

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“We won a newborn photoshoot with Andy and the experience from start to finish was amazing. Debbie was fantastic with handling and soothing Poppy.”

Kind words by new mum Emma

“Over 500 Newborn Babies Lovingly Photographed”

Andy & Debbie have been photographing newborn babies professionally for the past 10 years.


Book Your Newborn Photoshoot For Just £50

We’re 100% confident you’ll fall in love with the newborn’s photography, which is why we’ll only take a £50 deposit when you book your photoshoot with us.

This includes a 2 hours shoot with us both at our comfortable Northamptonshire studio, an online web gallery to view all your gorgeous images from the comfort of your home, plus £50 credit towards your final order.

Get in touch to find out more about our latest special offers and check our availability around your baby’s due date.

Further Info About Your Northampton Newborn Photoshoot

  • The sooner the better. We’re a high quality, low volume Northampton photography studio with a limited number of sessions available each week… we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.

    If your baby has already arrived, then please get in touch and we’ll try our very best to fit you in.  Oh, and a huge congratulations too.

    Newborn photography ideally needs take place at around 10-14 days old, whilst your baby is still foetal and sleepy… so please don’t leave it too late! It’s worth noting that we can often get a little longer if your baby’s born premature.

    If your baby is a little older then please see our Little Sitters Sessions

  • We are 100% baby led so baby care is our top priority. Your baby’s safety and comfort is prioritised in order to create the right conditions for the photoshoot.

    Some babies will arrive super sleepy and barely open their eyes for the whole session while others are more curious of the new world around them.

    Please allow at least 2 hours for your session, and possibly a touch longer if your little one is a light sleeper or a sibling is being included in a few intimate family portraits.

  • All our newborn sessions take place at our cosy studio here in the beautiful rural Northamptonshire village of Brixworth, about 5 miles north of Northampton.

    4 Spratton Road, Brixworth, Northampton. NN6 9DS.

    We have off street parking, a comfortable seating area for you to relax plus copious amounts of tea, coffee, water, and biscuits!

  • Our signature black and white newborn photography is very much a part of our artistic style, with clients loving its timeless quality and simplicity. It doesn’t become dated, or go in and out of fashion like some colour work, it also compliments and fits any home decor, both now and in the future.

    However, we’re not completely adverse to colour work and have done a few shoots with a soft earthy palette. Please find some recent examples below.

  • Yes absolutely, as long as it’s carried by a fully trained and experienced baby photographer. This is something we’re passionate about and would always encourage you to “grill” any baby photographer on their credentials before booking them.

    We’ve been photographing newborn babies together for over 10 years and in this time safely photographed over 500 precious babies. Your newborn’s safety is our No.1 concern and since Debbie is a former nurse, we’re uncompromising on this.

    When working with your baby we will always stay by their side as their reflexes can often cause them to fling their arms or kick out. We will watch their positioning for pressure points, their expression for comfort and a host of other factors to ensure they are comfortable and safe.

    Equally we understand that your baby cannot support the weight of their own head, this being the vulnerable part of their body. It must always be supported and protected from sudden impact or shock.

    We respect our tiny visitors in all that we do, which is why all of our baby photoshoots are baby-led. When we handle your baby, we’ll show them the same care and sensitivity as if they were our own. We use a lot of gentle hand placement to reassure your baby that they are safe as they are being gently posed. Babies often shuffle themselves into positions that naturally feel comfortable, and we’ll try and work with this. Some babies love being swaddled, whilst others dislike being naked. These tiny people already have preferences!

    Every pose takes time to perfect, some more than others and sensitive babies take even longer! Usually, we will spend 5 to 15 minutes perfecting each pose before even taking a single photograph. This is why your newborn session will last around 2 hours and your gallery averages between 15 and 25 final images. We aim for quality not quantity.

    Our approach to newborn portraits is refreshingly yet deceptively simply. We won’t do anything that either looks unsafe, uncomfortable, disrespectful, or just downright wrong. If your baby looks safe, happy, content and perfectly relaxed then that’s because they really are, simple!

  • Andy employs an authentic and ethical approach to the use of photoshop when editing your newborn photography.

    Photoshop is like a gift from the digital gods, boldly cleaning up flaky skin, crusty noses, milky moustaches and slobber everywhere. However, we believe you deserve professionally edited baby portraits that are sympathetically hand retouched to preserve fine detail and skin texture. For this reason we will never use automated photoshop plugins that in our view, have a tendency to produce mushy, plasticky skin.

    Subtle, restrained and professional retouching removes the non-permanent blemishes that would otherwise distract from your newborn baby’s natural features. Bogeys and snot are never a good look, especially when magnified in your feature piece above the fireplace! Whereas permanent features such as moles, birthmarks, fine hairs and milk spots remain untouched.

  • Here’s a few hot tips to consider before attending your newborn photoshoot at our Northampton studio…

    1.        Milk, milk, milk… and even more milk.
    We’ll need your baby super sleepy and that usually happens right after a full belly… milk drunk! Think of it as a post Sunday roast nap snoozing on a comfy sofa.

    2.        Enjoy the experience!
    This might sound a bit obvious, but worth a mention. It’s all too easy to forget to grab the opportunity to observe and enjoy the shoot. Make the most of your ‘down’ time while we work with your little one, have a hot cuppa and grab a few hands-free minutes while you can! Even unsettled babies sleep eventually, alternatively awake newborn shots are also striking. Parents often tell us they worry their baby will be restless etc but we’re so used to working with newborns it’s really not an issue for us.

    3.        PLEASE consider a dummy, just for the shoot.
    We appreciate that not everyone likes them, but they’re a fantastic soothing aid for an unsettled baby. It can really reduce the settling time and allow more time for newborn photography.

    4.        Poonami’s happen!
    Your baby won’t be entirely naked, as we use cute, knitted shorts to hide ugly nappies, but even the best nappies leak round the sides. Having had two children of our own, we’re a 100% used to poo, so pleased don’t embarrassed.

    5.        Your Clothes.
    If you’d like to be included in some lovely intimate family portraits with your newborn then please make sure you both bring a set of clothes that you’re happy to be photographed in. Simple dark colours work best from experience, especially black, and please try to avoid heavy pattern that may be distracting in the final images.

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“Debbie handled Harry with such care and confidence that I happily sat with a lovely cup of tea and watched the photoshoot – I can’t recommend Andy and Debbie enough! Five Stars.”

Kind words from new mum & midwife Laura. From over 200 5 Star Reviews.