Need To Know Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better!

Written by Diane Pawsey, Family Sleep Consultant based in Northampton.

Need To Know Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better!

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Use your routine before bedtime to Wind down.
After a nice warm bath, Keep things low key during the last feed.
Bedtime routine should not last any longer than
30 minutes, these simple steps will promote healthy sleep association


Observe your little one, If they become Uninterested in their toys,
Start Rubbing their eyes, Pulling ears, or become generally a little fractious.
This is a good time to get them down for a nap, before they become overtired.


Is like a virtual hug, It reminds them of being in the womb.
It also helps with the startle reflex that can sometimes wake them up.
I recommend using a swaddle from new born to 4 months old.

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Many parents find using a diary really useful, especially in those early days
Noting down naps & feeds, can help you notice any patterns occurring.


Naps are key to a good nights sleep, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking
to much sleep in the day will affect them at night.
 Its quite the opposite, putting your baby to bed over tired will result in them waking a few hours later wired and unable to sleep.


Hold you baby or carry them in a sling with their ear next to your chest so they can hear your heartbeat  It will remind them of being in your womb.


Little ones love white noise, the Hoover, washing machine.
Using white noise can also be a cue to sleepy time.
There are some fantastic apps with an array of sounds on the market.
have the volume pretty loud, remember when they were in your tummy the noise was like being in  a racing car!
Use the White noise throughout the night & every nap, when you want to wean them off just slowly reduce the sound every few nights.


Chamomile tea is renowned for its calming effects.
This also can have the same effect on your baby or toddler too
If you are breast feeding, simply drink Non caffeine, organic tea.. As much as you like
This can help soothe babies tummy and help them sleep better
You also can use diluted tea to make up formula, one bag to three quarters of a pint of water
Half tea half water…..offer older children weak tea.
Bac flower remedies can also be used with older children, nighttime rescue remedy is really useful to use with toddlers that are experiencing night terrors.


If your little one isn’t sleeping through the night but your friends baby is, don’t stress some babies just take a little longer. This could be due to illness, low birth weigh, reflux….many reasons.
I can offer support & guidance with sleep & feeding routines so the whole family can get some sleep.
Call Diane Pawsey on 07807 006167  for a no obligation chat to see how I can help.

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