Tips For Finding a Newborn Photographer in Northampton

Choosing a newborn photographer in Northampton to capture the magic of your precious new arrival can be a daunting task. A quick google search in your local area will throw up a mind-boggling selection of potential candidates.

However, it’s worth doing your research before booking as you really can’t get those precious early memories of your baby back. It’s also worth noting that some popular newborn photography studios can get booked up many months in advance, so you don’t want to risk leaving it too late to book your favourite newborn photographer.

So, if your pregnancy hormones are wreaking havoc and you feel wobbly at the sight of a cute sleepy newborn baby, here’s our quick guide to help you choose the perfect newborn photographer near you.

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Does Their flavour Suit Your Tastes?

Most newborn photographers in Northampton are a little like Marmite, they have a strong flavour that some will love whilst others really won’t! Some photographers specialize in heavily posed, studio-style portraits, while others focus on lifestyle photography, capturing natural moments in your home. Choose a photographer whose style aligns with your preferences.

Start off by short-listing a handful of local newborn photographers whose artistic style appeals to you and your personal tastes.

Be aware that fashion and trends in newborn photography come and go just like in any creative industry. However, the photographs of your precious newborn baby will be hanging on your walls for many years so we would always advise you avoid the ultra-fashionable trends that might look dated in a few years… go for a timeless look.

Do read the newborn photographer’s reviews and testimonials from previous clients to learn about their experience but remember that this is about what resonates and matches your vision, not others.

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Does The Newborn Photographer Know Their Stuff?

Try to look past those super cute newborn portraits for a moment and take a closer look at the details. Things to look out for:

The overuse of props. Whilst there is some very accomplished prop-based newborn photographers out there, sometimes props or novelty outfits are employed to mask a somewhat less accomplished photographic ability.

Heavy handed retouching/airbrushing/photoshopping. Blurring out your newborn’s delicate skin tones to a mush really is not professional editing, but then neither is leaving in nasty scratches, excessive flaky skin, slobber etc.

Soft downy hair, tiny eyelashes and the odd milk spot are all beautiful newborn details that look stunning in your final images. Post-processing is both very skilled and time consuming, a professional newborn photographer should not be using a automation or brush actions that crudely smooths out subtle skin tones to pure white.

Jack of all trades, master of none. Ask yourself, can any of the Northampton newborn photographer who claims to professionally shoot weddings, commercial/industrial work, drone photography, interiors, pet portraits, business headshots, family portraiture… oh and newborn baby photography, really deliver the results you deserve?

Look out for consistency in their portfolio. Your time is precious so ensure your chosen newborn photographer is consistently reliable with their results. Take a good peek at their social media or blog for recent ‘real life’ newborn photoshoots.

Pssst… Stuff newborn photographers will often shout about… but you should take with a pinch of salt.

  • Experience, although important, is not always a reliable indication of photographic skill. Bad habits can often develop with time, just think of your dads driving skills!
  • Photography awards and industry acclaim can certainly look impressive on paper, but often mean little in the real world. Awards are often based on the photographic qualities of a single submitted photograph. This can be a subjective opinion from an individual judge whose ideals might not align with your own.
  • I’ve got a bigger and better camera than you. A talented newborn photographer will be able to achieve stunning results with any half decent professional camera so don’t be seduced by flashy equipment.
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Does The Newborn Photographer Work Safely?

Newborn photography requires very specific skills and techniques to always ensure the safety and comfort of your baby. Check that the newborn photographer has sufficient experience and training in newborn baby posing and safety.

A few warning signs…

  • Your baby should never be suspended from height or precariously balanced on a prop. Sadly, the proliferation of newborn images on social media has inspired a ‘have a go’ attitude. Although well meaning, these inexperienced newborn photographers may not always be fully informed in professional practise and so not represent a safe pair of hands.
  • Never let your baby be forced into an unnatural or uncomfortable pose. If your baby looks awkward and uncomfortable then that’s not a great sign.
  • Also, your baby should never be left unattended or incorporated with dangerous props such as those made of glass or with sharp edges.

On a side note, a newborn photoshoot is a process that takes time, and therefore those sleepy photographs can never be guaranteed by any newborn photographer in Northampton. However, with skill and experience an alert newborn can abe photographed artistically and, with parental involvement, those early family bonds will very often make cherished family portraits.

Never be afraid to ask your shortlisted newborn photographer lots of questions, especially when it comes to the safety of your baby.

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Budget, Can I afford them?

A very real consideration when considering a newborn photographer in Northampton, especially in todays cost-of-living climate, is how their price list or packages compare to local photographer. However, be cautious of booking a photographer based purely on their price point as beautiful newborn photography should be a considered an investment.

Like any industry, newborn photography varies hugely in price. The level of investment you make will be directly reflected in terms of the level of service you receive, the final quality of the photographs and especially in how any bespoke wall art you might treat yourself too is presented.

We know for a fact that the fees and pricing structure of newborn photographers in Northamptonshire vary wildly. However, those ‘too good to be true’ cheap deals on bargain websites often don’t deliver the kind of value and level of professional service you would expect… as with all aspects of life, you very often get what you pay for.

Spending £500 on professional newborn photography may at first seem expensive. However, if you consider enjoying that beautiful framed piece hanging above your fireplace for just 10 years…

Then that only works out at £4.17p per month or less than 14p a day.

A bargain when you think how much pleasure you’ll get from those photographs, each and every day!

Gut Instinct…Do You Like The Photographer?

It might sound a little obvious but you’ll be spending a couple of hours in the company of your chosen newborn photographer, let alone entrusting them with the most precious thing in your world, so make sure you get a good feeling from them. Again, ask lots of questions and expect full and honest answers in reply.

At the end of the day you should trust your instincts when making your final decision. Choose a Northampton newborn photographer who makes you feel comfortable, confident, and most of all, excited about capturing this unique and very special time in your family’s life.

Thanks for reading!

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