Investment Guide

Stunning designs combined with exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Our clients appreciate and demand the very best in wall art.

Shortly after your photoshoot, we’ll send you details of your online web gallery which can be viewed conveniently at home.

Unlike many studios that insist you return for a sales session, we prefer a more relaxed and non-pushy approach.

You’ll then have the opportunity to choose your favourite photographs and discuss how you’d prefer to display them around your home.

Multi Print Frames

Showcase all of your favourite portraits in a single piece of art, a truly stunning show stopper.

Includes fine art quality photography paper, acid-free mounts, real glass (no nasty plastic) and your choice of frame.

From £495

“I can honestly say that the two magnificent framed multi-apertures have been worth every penny- everyone who sees them thinks they are amazing. ”

Kind words by Ceri, proud nan.

Single Print Frames

The timeless simplicity and confident impact of a framed portrait.

Includes fine art quality photography paper, acid-free mounts, real glass and your choice of frame.

From £330

Great Value Package Deals

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Orb Floating Panels

New for 2023, our stunning Orb floating panels. A beautiful fine art print, protected with a matt seal and mounted onto an easy to hang contemporary floating panel… something a little different.

From £415

Photo Walls

Present your favourite portraits in a contemporary photo wall and then add to your display as the children grow.

Each frame includes a 8×8 inch print and your choice of either a black or white frame.

From £380

Digital Photographs

High street stores can’t match the remarkable quality of our professional framers but we appreciate you might prefer to purchase a collection of digital only photographs.

All your chosen photographs will be fully retouched, supplied in high resolution ready for you to print and share with family, as many times as you like.

Our digital collections start from £280

After confirming your order and as part of the final editing process, we will retouch your chosen photographs in photoshop.

We take a subtle approach, one which best reflects our natural and organic style. We will however tone down any distracting nasties such as scratches or bruising, flaky skin or heat rashes, biscuit crumbs or milk moustaches, bogies or slobber… lovely!

Before & After Editing…

5 Reasons You Should Invest In Wall Art

We passionately encourage you to choose bespoke wall art alongside digital photos. Make the right investment decision for your family.

  • High street photo labs can do such an awful job of printing our work, colours are often wrong or there’s unpleasant banding (clunky pixilation).

    We’ve spent many months researching professional labs and have experimented extensively into the making of a gorgeous and super long lasting print. As a result, you can be 100% confident that your investment will quite literally be enjoyed for a lifetime!

  • Many clients think that digital photos are cheaper and therefore offer the best value?

    Honestly, how often do you actually sit at your pc or mobile and enjoy the 1000’s of digital photographs you have stored? Also, do you actually display and enjoy them around your home?

    In comparison, the pictures on your walls probably represent better value in terms of long term pleasure as they become an intrinsic part of your everyday life. You’d spend many thousands on a sofa that lasts a decade, so why not consider investing in a personal piece of art that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime!

  • Professional photography will require a significant investment in both your time and money. By investing in bespoke artwork you’ll be benefitting from our full skill set and the craftsmanship of our framer too.

    When it comes to designing framed artwork, especially multi aperture pieces, we have extensive experience simply in what ‘works’ and what doesn’t. We’ll carefully create realistic mock-up representations of how your finished piece will look in photoshop or suggest alterations as needed.

  • Technologies become obsolete (VHS, Compact Disks, USB drives etc etc). Hard drives may become infected or crash fatally losing valuable data. Your beautifully framed fine art prints will last forever!

  • Sound a little far fetched? Well actually research suggests that physically displaying your children’s portraits around the home can help them understand their family history and where they fit into this, plus it reinforces the positive message that they are a valued and much loved member of the family.