Baby Photography Dunstable, Bedfordshire


Baby Photography Dunstable, Bedfordshire

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It’s a real mix up this week, with bumps, newborns and slightly older babies. We’ve showcased a lot of newborns during 2015, but always love the opportunity to work with babies slightly older too.

Meet gorgeous 5 week old Eloise from Dunstable in Bedfordshire, who came to the studio today for her first ever photo shoot. With flawless skin and a crop of dark hair, we knew she was going photograph beautifully and the results certainly agree.

A baby shoot takes all the usual factors into account; food, nappies and cuddle time without waiting for the essential sleep required with newborn posing. There’s also a higher likelihood of getting some awake images with babies eyes wide open, which was the case this morning.


Eloise allowed us to get some close ups at the start before time for elevenses, but struggled to settle again. Babies always rule the shoot, the best laid plans need to be flexible, as no two shoots are the same. Eloise wanted to be held and to be upright, nothing else would do so we took advantage of this by involving mum and dad with some beautiful results.

We love the adoration evident in the family shot shown, and the bond she’s already formed with both parents, snuggling against dad as he held her. At times, she appeared smiley which is always an amazing experience from a baby at such an early age.


Photographing babies naked allows for photos where their perfect form and beauty can be appreciated, opposed to the distraction of their outfit. It’s also a great opportunity for a game of nappy -off roulette, as you never know who’s going to get weed or pooed on. Dad’s turn today, good job he has a great sense of humour but note to selves for next time to suggest parents also bring spare clothes! Always good fun though and an ice breaker.


Enjoy a small sample of images from the shoot; Eloise was very cute making editing afterwards a difficult task!

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