Luton Newborn Photography- What To Expect


Luton Newborn Photography- What To Expect

Luton Newborn Photography- What To Expect 1350 900 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

A newborn photoshoot with us will typically take between 2-3 hours, depending very much on how sleepy and settled your little one arrives at our studio. Our clients will frequently say what a relaxed and enjoyable experience they had with us… which is important as it’s often their first outing together as a new family!

Ideally we prefer to photograph your new baby before they are 14 days old. This is simply because they tend to sleep more and for longer in the very early days, they also seem to be less interested in their surroundings. It’s a recipe that most professional newborn photographers prefer to follow. It makes for a quicker, easier and… most importantly… more comfortable photoshoot for both you, as a sleep deprived new mum, and your new baby.


Ironically, the actual photography bit of a newborn shoot is pretty quick. A considerable chunk of the 2-3 hours is spent with Debbie caring and settling your baby. There will also be a fair amount of feeding, winding, nappy changes and settling before your baby is comfortable enough to fall into a deep, milk-drunk sleep… then we can get to work and capture those precious memories for you.


The Wrap

Usually our starting point and always snuggly and super cute; hands in or out, eyes open or closed, captured close up or as an overview. The added bonus of the wrap is that it usually helps your baby to settle. If we’re lucky, we might get a milky smile or a yawn… it’s just priceless when this happens!

It’s also our preferred way of capturing a newborn with their older sibling, as it stops arms and legs from flailing and obscuring the face! The security of the wrap can often help induce sleep, another big bonus!


Head On Hands

A position not too different from being cuddled tummy-down against your chest, and best achieved when your baby is in deep milk-drunk sleep. It’s our absolute favourite shot to be honest… bring on those chubby cheeks, back rolls and soft downy hair!  

Due to Debbie’s nursing background we always ramp up our safety observations with this position due to the potential for your baby to extend their legs out and lurch forward. One of us is always next to your little one supporting their head, observing their body (especially fingers and toes for compression points) and reading signs that your baby is 100% comfortable.



A classic winning shot and an opportunity to capture dinky feet that won’t always be this cute….trust us as we now own a teenager!  Nestled amongst layers of soft fabric they look awesome as a close-up abstract.


Side Profile

Best shot highly cropped close-up, this photograph is usually captured when your baby is in deep sleep. They’ll be transitioned into this pose and usually after a wriggle they’ll settle themselves nicely. The aim of this shot is purity itself, just the simple honesty of your baby sleeping… nothing else.


Back Profile

This image just ‘works’ because of those foetal curled up legs, which is synonymous with being a newborn baby and something that rapidly changes as your baby discovers the joys of stretching out.  Captured straight-on is popular, but for a more artistic feel, we like to capture this as an overhead shot too.

Parents Hands

Your whole world in your hands! Not all parents will want to be included a family portrait… you might feel a little too sleep deprived and not at your best… so we find using your hands is the perfect compromise… if also emphases the tiny size of your baby.

After Your Newborn Baby Shoot

You can expect to enjoy and then choose between 20-25 photographs in your final gallery. We only select the very best photographs to be included in your final gallery, saving you the time and hassle of needing to wade through a gazillion very similar photographs. 

We very much practise a quality over quantity approach to our newborn photography and clients will very often choose to book us because they favour our more pure and natural style. We believe your baby is naturally beautiful and really doesn’t need to be photographed amongst props or frilly sets.

We also favour a timeless black and white style of portrait photography that focusses on artistic lighting and composition. You’ll take comfort in knowing that your photographs won’t date as trends come and go in the future… they’re still look just as stunning hanging on your wall in 20-30 years time!

For £50 you’ll enjoy a:

Relaxed 2-3 hour photoshoot at our cosy studio with both Andy and Debbie
A convenient web gallery to choose your favourite photographs
A £50 discount off wall art or digital photographs

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