Newborn Photographer Rugby- Baby Ellis


Newborn Photographer Rugby- Baby Ellis

Newborn Photographer Rugby- Baby Ellis 800 533 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Beautiful week old baby Ellis from Rugby wowed us when he came to the studio today for his newborn photography shoot. His range of cute smiley expressions brought some much needed sunshine into a very cold, wintry day.

Ellis was a wriggler and kind of found his own poses today, shuffling to get optimum comfort which resulted in super snoozy images. He was a chilled out baby, barely making a sound and treated us to some quiet, wakeful moments when he took in the studio environment and all its quirks.

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His gorgeous 3 year old sister, Olivia came along to show off her new baby brother, with lots of cuddles, kisses and impeccable behaviour. Although we see lots of babies it never fails to send us mushy when adoring looks and tenderness is shared between siblings.

Newborn photography is very much in fashion. Our ethos is that good photography is timeless; babies and children are beautiful in their own right and this simplicity is able to shine through with Andy’s photographic expertise.

Our shoots are kept deliberately minimalist to echo this belief and monochrome to reduce distractions. Andy’s past experience as a photographer in the advertising world adds a skilled eye to the technical stuff, optimising the lighting and camera settings to treat each shot on its own merit. He never applies a specific formula to get results but uses talent and a wealth of technical knowledge.

We never fail to be amazed by the perfection of each newborn we meet, and marvel at how quickly they change from week to week. As the hands on baby handler, I’m always amazed by the strength of a tiny newborn, who has to be handled so carefully yet can summon up enormous strength to shuffle around at will.

Although newborn babies are immobile, never be fooled, they most definitely can move, especially if startled and safety is top priority at each and every shoot, with one of us ‘spotting’ at all times.

Thank you to Ellis, Olivia, mum and dad for allowing us to share this privileged time with you.

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