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Newborn Photography Buckinghamshire

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It was a fun session in the studio today. It’s always enjoyable to have an relaxed newborn photoshoot which can at times be quite a noise fest, but not today with mum, aunt and nan along too, bringing plenty of banter and laughs. The drive from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire had been straightforward, and everyone arrived ready to enjoy the session.

It was three week old Anayah’s first photography shoot and she worked the lens like a pro! She was oblivious to this though, she barely opened her eyes the whole time. She had a quick peer at the studio once we popped her on our blankets, but a good feed meant she snoozed the majority of time allowing us to capture our signature photographs.

We started off with a few awake shots as it’s always a privilege to capture eyes wide open at such a tender age. That said, we love the one of her wrapped with her eyes closed as there’s a hint of a smile which sums up how relaxed she seemed. She’s also blowing bubbles in this shot which we think is super cute and so very typically newborn. We can edit extra features like dribble out, but think these tiny bubbles actually add to this particular shot.

Another quick cuddle with the family while we changed the set meant she was soon back relaxed and asleep under the spotlight, undisturbed. This time she was slightly propped up on her tummy which is always a great position after a feed to help reduce discomfort. She slept on, despite this time being fully naked and she seemed totally at ease.


At three weeks old, Anayah’s still very foetal, particularly noticeable in her hands which she held in tight fists, reluctant to uncurl them and so beautifully newborn. The head on hands shot shows this perfectly. We kept a careful eye on those tightly curled fingers as safety is important to us, we keep a constant check for pressure points and a host of other safety considerations as we work. Equally, we never force a pose; if our newborns don’t seem comfortable it’s only right to move on.

Not only did Anayah make posing an easy job, she has a fab head of hair which creates real definition in her images, and the most incredible skin which makes our task much simpler editing-wise afterwards.

Purely in photographic terms, Anayah’s a slightly older newborn baby, and she seemed momentarily unhappy when placed flat her tummy; the ‘tushi’ pose needed her to be all tucked up so we swiftly moved on and went for the more open hands behind head reclined position as an alternative, and we love how comfortable she looks.

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