Newborn Photoshoot Ampthill


Newborn Photoshoot Ampthill

Newborn Photoshoot Ampthill 900 600 Newborn Baby Photography Northampton

Today we welcomed beautiful baby Ivy along to our pop-up photography studio near Ampthill, for her newborn photoshoot.

Ivy’s just over two weeks old, the best time to capture a new baby whilst they are still sleepy and foetal. During this time, babies tend to be more comfortable being positioned into the cute poses often used in newborn photography, as Ivy’s photos demonstrate. The simplicity of our black and white, prop free photography means the portrait is about the natural beauty of your baby, and Ivy’s portraits highlight this well.

Ivy arrived hungry and ready for a good feed and, as we’re very baby led in our approach, this was the first task. A full tummy often leads to some nappy action and then it was predictably back to another feed afterwards. One of the reasons we allow 2-3 hours for our newborn photoshoots is for baby care. Clients are often surprised at how quickly the photography part of the shoot actually happens as most of the session is actually spent on feeding, soothing etc. This cannot be rushed …. or be it at your own peril!


We first wrapped Ivy to capture the snuggled up look. Wrapping a newborn not only looks super cute but it also has a practical advantage. When a baby is awake it helps to stop their arms from flailing (Moro reflex) and obscuring their face. It also helps comfort a baby to feel safely contained having being in close confines for the past 9 months. 

We particularly love these close up shots of Ivy which really capture her tiny character, curious about her surroundings and cute as anything. Although we needed her asleep to achieve the posed shots, it’s really special to spend time with an awake newborn as we just don’t otherwise get to see their eyes…. Ivy put this right today! 


The next set of photographs we wanted to capture for mum and dad were the more classic sleepy newborn poses… Ivy however, had other ideas!

We’re reliably informed that Ivy very much enjoys her awake spells and sleep is fast becoming a rare event. When baby decides sleep isn’t the plan for their photoshoot, patience and milk is often all that’s required… and plenty of both was required today… although she’s absolutely worth it of course!


 A massive thanks to mum, dad & Ivy for a lovely photoshoot today, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you all.

If you’d like to find out a little more about our newborn baby photography then please follow the link here:  Newborn Photography Bedfordshire 

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